Published: 16/03/2012

Nestlé’s violations of trade union rights invaded the normally placid proceedings of the Geneva cantonal government council on March 15 when deputies were called on to debate a resolution calling for action to support the union struggle in Indonesia and Pakistan.

Roger Deneys, a Socialist Party deputy on the Council which governs the city and canton of Geneva, introduced a motion calling on the Council to intervene with Nestlé management in Vevey and insist that international labour standards be respected in Panjang and Kabirwala. According to the resolution, the government should be obliged to act in view of the fact that Nestlé is headquartered in Switzerland, that its products are frequently associated with the country’s international image, and that Switzerland has ratified ILO Conventions on trade union rights which call on the government to take appropriate action to ensure that these rights are respected, among other compelling reasons.

Similar resolutions will be introduced into other municipal and cantonal government bodies.

Deputies were welcomed to the Council session with leaflets and a Stop Nespressure banner!