Published: 12/03/2015

Fifty-two union members illegally dismissed for their union membership at the Sheraton Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by meeting and pledging to continue their struggle. The venue was kept secret to allow union workers still employed at the upscale hotel to participate and show their support and solidarity.

Of the sixty-five dismissed workers 11 are women, all of them active union members.  One of them was on leave just before childbirth, despite protective legislation.

March 8 was an occasion to discuss the role of women in their fight, from the challenges during job application to the difficulties their families face.

“I have children, I am jobless, I haven’t been able to find a job but I will fight to the end for justice and an end to discrimination”, said one female worker. “Our struggle against unlawful acts is exemplary for other employers who are violating worker rights”

You can support them – CLICK HERE to send a message to Sheraton!