Published: 03/11/2011

On October 31, members of the IUF-affiliated SBNIP rallied against the mass dismissal of union members at the Panjang, Indonesia Nescafé factory, where the union has struggled for more than 5 years to affirm its right to collectively bargain the terms and conditions of Nestlé workers.

On October 5-6 management at the Nescafé factory in Panjang fired 53 of the union’s 87 members after the union took industrial action in support of their collective bargaining demands.

The mass firings of SBNIP members came AFTER the conflict was resolved under the auspices of the Labour Department and the strike was already over in accordance with the official memorandum that the company and union signed. Nestlé management continued to sack union members even after the union agreed to sign the collective agreement, clear evidence of its determination to crush the union.

The union rally gathered all of the dismissed workers, who picketed the gate from morning until afternoon to demand the reinstatement of all members dismissed following the strike. They have returned to the gates every day to show their determination. Local and national support actions involving other unions are planned.

The protests will continue until the all the union workers are reinstated. Click here to support their struggle and send a message to Nestlé.