Published: 25/10/2016
On October 19, the German Food Workers Union NGG organized a conference for IUF European meat affiliates at  Rheda-Wiedenbrück, where  Tönnies, Germany’s largest meat processor is based. According to the NGG, 3500 of the 4000 employees in the production line at the local factory are employed under temporary work contracts.

Despite the introduction of a national minimum wage in Germany and a voluntary collective agreement for the meat sector, many migrant workers still live in appalling conditions with low pay and with exorbitant deductions for transport and housing costs.

IUF affiliates at the conference called for the meat companies to take responsibility for the rights of their subcontractors’ employees, for a strengthening of labour inspection and for a public information campaign to name companies where rights violations are occurring.

IUF-EFFAT is calling for the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive to promote equal treatment and improve the working conditions of posted workers and to end the legal loopholes which allow for abuse and exploitation.

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