Published: 22/08/2014

After negotiations dragged on for more than 6 months, Fonterra Malaysia and the IUF affiliated FIEU have concluded their CBA negotiations. The worksite committee is very pleased with the outcome of their first agreement and FIEU thanked the NZ Dairy Workers Union for its solidarity support during many years organizing to bring Fonterra to the bargaining table. 

In Chile, 150 workers have been laid off by Soprole (Fonterra) from plants around the country this year. Aldo Lezana, President of the National Federation of Dairy Workers called on Fonterra to work with his union to mitigate the layoffs.

While Fonterra blamed tough trading conditions for the layoffs, Lezana believes that TNC’s in Chile are reacting to long overdue reforms to close tax loopholes for corporations and to improve the labour code.

These layoffs come on top of 104 at a packing plant in Hamilton, NZ and 44 AMWU members at Echuca, Victoria.