Published: 02/11/2015
solidarityThree union representatives of the PepsiCo plant union in Punjab, the President Vikram Singh, Organizing Secretary Harinder Singh and the Treasurer Raghubir Singh visited PepsiCo (Frito Lays) Workers Action Committee Members on October 25-27 2015 at Dhulagaarh.

The union told workers about the current status of the “Stop PepsiSqueeze!” international campaign and updated them about the support they are getting nationally and internationally from the IUF affiliates. The PepsiCo Punjab union has provided a solidarity fund to support the action committee members. It was very much appreciated both in terms of lifting their spirits with the feeling of international solidarity and in overcoming economic hardship. The action committee will fight until unconditional reinstatement of the 28 workers with full back pay and full recognition of their trade union rights are achieved.