Published: 18/03/2016

The National Executive of the Dairy Employees Federation of India (DEFOI) met on 14 & 15 March for a planning workshop. Organizing plans included the education, organization and representation of contract workers and efforts to regularize their employment.

Detailed plans were made to increase womens’ participation including through the allocation of dedicated union executive positions for women and by organizing contract women workers.

Executive members agreed to collect information about the numbers of young workers in each location and to develop programmes to increase the participation of young people in their union.

DEFOI celebrated their partnership with the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union

Unions adjacent to private dairies will make contact with workers in the private sector to inform them of their rights and to assist in building unions

Unions pledged an increase in affiliated membership to DEFOI.

DEFOI are planning a 3 day national dairy conference for 2017 which will highlight the importance of dairy for nutrition and food security in India and the role played by workers in the dairy sector.