Published: 09/03/2018

Filcams-CGIL, Fisascat-CISL and UILTuCS have negotiated with Sodexo Italian management for the implementation of the zero tolerance for sexual harassment joint commitment signed by the Sodexo CEO and the IUF General Secretary in June 2017. The Italian agreement is the first step in a national implementation programme envisaged and mandated by the global joint commitment and it will provide real protection for workers from gender based violence in the world of work. The agreement includes a commitment by affiliates to undertake training and awareness raising activities on sexual harassment. After the unions and the company have agreed the content, Sodexo will also organise training, for managers, shop stewards and health and safety representatives. The international joint commitment and the local agreement will be distributed along with a practical guide to workers to further facilitate implementation. The rollout of the national agreement includes the development of information to Sodexo’s clients and suppliers and there will be regular meetings to monitor the agreement and determine future actions.