Published: 27/11/2017
A large delegation of workers and their trade union representatives from Nestlé’s joint-venture Froneri ice-cream factory in Parma, Italy will be travelling to Vevey and demonstrating at the Nestlé headquarters on Wednesday, 29 November. They will be joined by international trade union representatives from the IUF, representing Nestlé and Froneri workers around the world.

Why are they in Vevey?

On 27 September, workers at the former Nestlé factory in Parma, in Italy, were informed the factory would be closed and 180 workers dismissed.  Nestlé formed Froneri last year as a 50-50 joint venture with private-equity backed R&R.

In numerous meetings with the trade unions and before the local authorities and the Ministry of Economic Development, Nestlé-Froneri has shown no willingness to negotiate and continues to confirm its intention to close the factory.

The workers, along with their unions FLAI-CGIL and UILA-UIL, have vowed to fight this closure!

They have been rallying and picketing, and, since 7 November, have been holding a permanent protest vigil on the grounds of the factory.

They have the support of the citizens of Parma, of the municipal and regional governments, of the Bishop of Parma who spends time with the workers in their protest tent.

They have travelled to Milan to bring their fight to Nestlé Italy management.

Now they are travelling to Vevey to bring their fight to Nestlé central management.

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