Published: 31/10/2013

Italian restaurant and catering workers went on strike on October 31 to protest the employer associations’ plans to withdraw from the national collective agreement in the tourism industry, which includes restaurants and catering. Thousands of workers joined demonstrations in Rome and Milan and then held a picket line in front of the employer associations’ headquarters.

The employers announced their decision to withdraw from the agreement when the IUF-affiliated Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil rejected employer demands to reduce wages and rights during negotiations. All 3 union general secretaries denounced this decision as irresponsible and dangerous for workers and the entire sector. The unions have signalled their willingness to undertake further action if the employers do not reverse their position.

The employers’ associations represent important TNCs in the IUF sectors including Sodexo, Compass and McDonald’s as well as small and medium enterprises.