Published: 07/10/2015
SolidarityMeetingTunisia_0IUF affiliates gathered in Hammamet, Tunisia, on September 25 to show their solidarity with the people of Tunisia and their struggle to overcome the criminal attacks earlier this year which deliberately targeted democracy and the national economy.

The IUF’s HRCT (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism) Board chose Hammamet as the venue for its meeting on September 23-24 in a show of support to the Tunisian affiliate FGAT-UGTT, whose members have been badly affected by the steep decline in tourism, one of the pillars of the economy. Trade unionists and citizens fought courageously for democracy in 2011, and again are called upon to defend democratic values and principles against barbarism and intolerance.

The IUF affiliates reaffirmed their full support to the UGTT in a declaration available here.