Published: 15/05/2014
Following the sectoral report to the IUF Executive Committee (May 14, 2014) on the Secretariat work in fisheries and aquaculture, the leadership of the IUF African regional secretariat team met to discuss the long-term working plan for this sector. With shared understanding of the growing role  in the global food production system, as well as rapid consolidation of this production in the hands of transnational capital, it was agreed that fish and aquaculture should become a propriety sector for African region.

This work will start with a fact finding study on the working conditions of workers of various categories – sea/lake/farm fishing and fish processing with the special focus on health and safety conditions and women workers issues. The first findings and a more comprehensive South African industry research should be discussed at a regional workshop, which should also serve as a planning exercise for further activities (the venue for the workshop is to be identified). 

The proposal for building stronger coordination with the ITF affiliates within the IUF/ITF fisheries programme was also supported. A representative of IUF affiliate will attend the ITF MUDP fisheries workshop in July (now postponed to autumn) and FAWU South Africa will participate in the ILO Independent Meetings of Experts in February 2015 as part of the ITF-lead workers delegation.