Published: 09/02/2017
“The pattern is buy, squeeze, repeat. The 3G managers developed extraordinary operating skills and greatly increased the value of every company [they’ve] bought, but they were not great innovators. They achieved growth through acquisitions-not organically.” This quote from a recent Fortune magazine article confirms everything the IUF has been saying for some time about 3G Capital – major Kraft Heinz shareholder. Additional reports surfaced in November 2016 indicating 3G is raising between $8 and 10 billion to finance an acquisition of a global consumer goods firm. Against this background there is much speculation concerning Kraft Heinz/3G’s next acquisition.

While the financial press contemplates the company’s next takeover target, the 3G business model infects the entire food processing industry and beyond. Zero based budgeting, a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period and re-popularized by 3G, is now being used by Campbell Soup, Kellogg, and Mondelez. Restructuring is also a natural side effect of 3G’s model.

IUF Kraft Heinz unions and their members must be well organized to face Kraft Heinz and other 3G companies (e.g. AB Inbev). The IUF further suggests that affiliates organize meetings with plant management and request detailed information about the impact of any proposed restructuring on jobs and working conditions. Please inform the IUF Secretariat of any findings.