Published: 05/02/2019

At a meeting in Geneva on January 30 & 31, unions representing workers employed by the global dairy giant Lactalis, established an alliance within the IUF Dairy Division. The Lactalis Group is a French based privately owned company which has expanded rapidly through acquisitions in all IUF regions and is now the world’s 2nd largest dairy company by sales turnover.







Affiliates committed to work together to strengthen union organization inside a company which is noted for its hostility to unions and pledged to defend union activists from any harassment when fulfilling their responsibilities as elected union representatives. Participants at the meeting reported on outsourcing and downward pressure on wages and conditions in collective bargaining with the company.  Examples were also provided of union representatives being obstructed or prevented from attending union meetings outside of their workplace including the international meeting held in Geneva.

The IUF will promote and distribute information on the rights of union members and representatives and document any violations of these rights perpetrated by the company as an essential element in building union power at the company.

A priority goal of the union alliance is to win recognition of the IUF by Lactalis.