Published: 09/10/2012

Yacine Zaïd was sentenced by the court in Ouargla on Monday, 8 October, to a six-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 10,000 dinars (about 100 euros). Accused of “insulting a police officer,” he had been remanded in custody for one week.

Despite the injustice of this verdict, the IUF is pleased that the suspension of the sentence means that Yacine has been freed.

The strong mobilization of IUF affiliates, of human rights organizations, international institutions and a significant part of civil society has led to this reassuring conclusion.

A delegation from the IUF secretariat met a representative of the Algerian diplomatic mission in Geneva on Tuesday, 9 October, and strongly urged the authorities to guarantee respect for the human rights and physical integrity of Yacine Zaïd.

We will post updates in the event there are further developments.

The secretariat would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who participated in the campaign in support of Yacine’s release by sending over 11,000 messages in response to our appeals.