Published: 22/07/2011

On June 10 more than half of the workers of IUF-affiliated UAB union “Svyturys-Utenos alus”, voted in favour of strike action at the Carlsberg brewery in Lithuania in support of their demand for a decent company level collective agreement.

Before the secret ballot took place the union called on management to fully implement the provisions of the collective labour agreement and to increase the salaries of the workers by 12,4%. The union noted that between 2008 and 2010 the enterprise paid 200 million litas (approx. 58 million Euros) of dividends to its shareholders.

Management rejected this request and refused good faith negotiations even in the period between the strike vote and strike action which will begin July 25 following a court imposed delay. The court had been asked by the company to declare the strike illegal but on July 5 ruled against the company declaring the strike legal but delaying its start.

Immediately after the strike announcement Lithuania Carlsberg management notified workers that it would use strike-breakers over the course of the strike.

The IUF will be contacting the company at corporate level demanding that Lithuania Carlsberg management fully implement the provisions of the collective labour agreement and meeting the legitimate demands of the workers through their trade union. Other IUF affiliates representing Carlsberg will shortly add their voices to this call for a fair and just outcome from this ongoing conflict.