Published: 14/03/2013

Last week, McDonald’s was caught hijacking a program that’s supposed to allow young people to go to the U.S. for cultural exchange programs and professional training. Instead, the fast food giant twisted it into a source of cheap, exploitable labor.

Student workers from Asia and Latin America were required to work for as much as 25 hours at a time with no overtime. They were housed eight to a room in substandard housing and expected to be ready to turn up for work at any time with only 30 minutes’ notice. And to add insult to injury, the students paid $3,000 each for the privilege. If they quit or were dismissed, they would lose their visas and get deported — a threat their boss dangled over them constantly.

This is the same scheme the US chocolate-maker Hershey was using together with DHL that was exposed in 2011, clik here to read the article.

Now sign the National Guestworker Alliance petition at website to tell McDonald’s that they can’t get away with abusing guestworkers.