Published: 10/02/2014


The continued lockout of 220 workers by the Kellogg Company at its Memphis cereal
plant has drawn the attention of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), a
political faction consisting of 75 members of the United States House of

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In a letter to Kellogg CEO John Bryant, on February 5th, the CPC criticized the company’s plan to create a new, low-wage “workforce of the future” and urged the company to resolve the dispute.

“The damage wrought by the dispute is accumulating… The potential for the workers to lose their livelihoods permanently because they seek better wages and fairer working conditions has drawn notice beyond the Memphis area.”

The Congressional Representatives emphasized that “…there are more amicable ways to reconcile the difference between the parties than denying dedicated workers access to their work site.”


On January 23, US and international participants of the Harvard University Trade Union Program showed their solidarity for the locked out Kellogg workers.