Published: 09/08/2019

The President and Vice-President of the Sales Force Workers Union – a member of the IUF-affiliated AIWUR – have both been laid off in the massive restructuring of Nestlé Russia’s sales force. Both are based in the Bryansk facility. This is the only facility to be closed – and its closure took place one month ahead of the other restructuring measures.

Despite multiple calls by the IUF and the union to Nestlé corporate management and Nestlé Russia to immediately and unconditionally cancel all dismissals implemented under duress in connection with the restructuring Russian management moved ahead with the closure of its Bryansk facility on July 31, 2019. The IUF believes that this closure targets the union’s leadership and is seeking urgent action from Nestlé to protect union representatives as required by both Russian law and international standards.

Dmitry Isarevich, president of the Nestlé Russia Sales Force Employees’ Union