Published: 08/02/2012

On February 7 in their quarterly meeting IUF New Zealand food affiliates under the leadership of the NZCTU looked back on the vicious attacks they faced in recent times from CMP ANZCO and other companies. They also discussed their possible contribution to the potentially long and bitter fight beginning at the Port of Auckland, a fight directly about resisting casualisation on the docks.

All affiliates reported that the assualt on permanent employment was fast becoming the number one challenge for New Zealand affiliates in the food and related industries. Australian affiliate the NUW joined the meeting and shared experience of their fight for decent jobs in the poultry industry.

Affiliates heard from the IUF’s Ron Oswald and Hidayat Greenfield notably about the IUF’s regional fights for permanent jobs across IUF membership in Asia/Pacific. They also heard of plans for the coming IUF 26th Congress and its focus on four issues – fighting precarious work, fighting for the right to food, strengthening the IUF and winning politically.