Published: 23/02/2012

The National Union of Workers and the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union (NZDWU) both represent dairy workers and both are active participants in the dairy division of the International Union of Food Workers (IUF).

The NUW and NZDWU have developed a relationship over the last decade and on Monday 6 February the two unions formally entered into a Cooperation Agreement.

The signatories to the Agreement come from the NUW, NZDWU as well as the IUF, and the purpose of the Agreement is to:

  • build a closer relationship between the two unions,
  • share industrial information for the benefit of all Dairy Members of both unions,
  • work together and report to each other within the IUF,
  • work together on international projects concerning the dairy industry,
  • explore shared delegate training on both sides of the Tasman for campaigning and development

The NUW recognises the importance of working with other unions internationally for the benefit of NUW Members and workers around the world.