Published: 13/09/2019

Following on a series of warning strikes, Barry Callebaut workers in Hamburg now have a new collective bargaining agreement which aligns pay with the industry-wide agreement for the Northern Germany confectionery industry. IUF affiliates from across the world supported these workers in their fight to make one of the world’s largest cocoa processors adhere to the industry agreement and to stop interfering with workers’ right to strike. The NGG has expressed its appreciation for the global support from IUF affiliates.

The new agreement includes wages increases tied to the industry agreement for 2021-2023. NGG has also negotiated a 5.6% total wage increase for June 2019 – June 2021. By 2023, Barry Callebaut workers in Hamburg will also receive a year-end bonus equal to 100% of their monthly salary. Barry Callebaut has also agreed that it will not penalize workers who exercised their right to strike.