Published: 03/06/2002

Over the last four and half years, more than 750 trade union leaders and activists have been imprisoned, and around 30 of them are still detained, including Dan Byung-ho, President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and Kim Jae-ghil, President of the FKTU-affiliated Korean Railworkers’ Union.

In connection with football’s World Cup, part of which is being played in Korea, international trade union organizations and Korea’s national centers have launched a global campaign to free imprisoned trade unionists and highlight the gross violations of labour rights which continue under “Human Rights President” Kim Dae Jung.

On the ICFTU/global union federations’ web site you will find:
– links to send a message to Korean President Kim Dae Jung calling for the release of the imprisoned trade unionists and the lifting of outstanding arrest warrants;
– versions of a special poster/postcard/graphic image for web use (available in English, French and Spanish) to help publicize the campaign;
– links to the Korean trade union centres and sources for more news, including news of the planned international day of protest on June 27.

We urge all trade unions and visitors to this web site to support the campaign in every possible way.