Published: 13/03/2019

The Sakrand Sugar Mills Union, a member of the IUF affiliated Sindh Sugar Mills Workers Federation (SSMWF), has been demonstrating continuously since February 28 at the Sakrand Sugar Mills gates. The management of Sakrand Sugar Mills, a publicly traded company incorporated since 1989, refuses to recognize the union, meet with it or negotiate on its demands, which include payment of the legal minimum wages.

On February 27, the union held a protest rally at the factory gate in support of its demands after management turned down a request to meet. In retaliation, management stopped 8 union leaders, including the President and General Secretary, from entering the factory and began pressuring workers to withdraw from the union.

Ghulam Sarwer Chandio, General Secretary of the SSMWF, has condemned the harassment, intimidation and victimization of union leaders and demanded that management allow the union leaders into the factory and enter into negotiations with the union.