Published: 25/02/2019

The Union of Workers of the Brewing Industry of Panama (Sticp) and the Industrial Union of Workers of the Manufacturing and Commercialization of Refreshments, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Beers, Spirits and Similar (Sitrafgorebgascelis) will present to AB InBev a joint proposal for a collective agreement that aims, among other things, to reduce outsourcing.

“As in 2015, we have agreed to sign a joint collective agreement with our sister union. We will present our proposal to the company in the coming days and then wait for a response to start the negotiations”, explained the General Secretary of the union, Jaime Acevedo, who anticipates that the first dialogue can begin at the end of February.

“The draft collective agreement aims to improve wages and working conditions and advance social clauses, but mainly intends to stop the progress of outsourcing, which is a big problem we have been facing and one of our basic demands.”

There are around 300 jobs outsourced in AB InBev Panama, and both the Sticp and the Sitrafgorebgascelis will seek to negotiate the reduction of that figure and incorporate permanent positions.

Acevedo pointed out that the relationship with the company is new, as AB InBev acquired SABMiller just two years ago.

“We know that this company does not have a good reputation in terms of its treatment towards workers. For example, in the region, there are already serious problems due to non-compliance with the collective agreement in Honduras, which means that it will not be a simple negotiation here”, he warned. “But we are prepared, and we remain united in our efforts to achieve a positive result for all”, he concluded.

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