Published: 19/10/2018

In connection with Nestlé’s announcement of a reduction in the number of NQAC (Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre) laboratories in Europe, a special meeting of the Nestlé European Works Council was held in Geneva on 10 October. Nestlé intends to close the laboratory in Weiding, in Germany, and transfer the work to Nestlé laboratories in France and Poland as well as to external labs.

The NGG delegation presented a detailed overview of the strengths of the Weiding laboratory and made a strong case for the need to maintain the current NQAC network based on concerns for consumer health and job security. By reducing the number of analyses, depending on suppliers to undertake analyses and outsourcing product testing, Nestlé is giving up its competitive advantage, putting its own sustainability at risk and jeopardizing food safety risk management.
The NQAC in Weiding carries out testing for pesticide and other contaminants, analysis of heavy metals and minerals, microbiological tests and screening for pathogens.