Published: 20/08/2013

With support from the IUF and sugar unions around the world, workers and their union at the Timashevsky sugar factory in Timashevsk, Russia are fighting against the closure and sale of their factory and for wages owed them since May. Closure of the factory would mean the loss of 400 jobs and the eviction of some 100 families living in company housing.

Union demonstration in Timashevsk, July 9: “Save our Jobs”, “United we stand strong!”, “To have work is our right!”

Following demonstrations by hundreds of workers in July, the local and Krasnodar regional authorities agreed to the creation of a joint working group with the union, but there has been no progress on payment of back wages. The Izumrud company which owns the plant has been bankrupt since 2010, but only in spring this year was the closure announced. The union opposes plans to sell the plant, equipment and housing in separate lots and is pressing to keep the operation unified.