Published: 25/11/2016
Following a tough recognition struggle and 14-week strike, CSAAWU, the union representing workers at Robertson Winery in the Western Cape, has reached a settlement which will see workers returning to work on November 28. The union has won an 8% wage increase retroactive to August, a bonus equivalent to an extra month’s pay, and no disciplinary action will be taken against the strike leaders.

The union did not achieve its wage target, but, says CSAAWU, “The wine industry will never be the same. Workers at the wine cellars across the country will take inspiration from what the Robertson Winery workers have achieved.”

CSAAWU has expressed its warm appreciation for the significant international solidarity the workers received throughout the long struggle. News of the settlement came as the IUF African Regional Conference was underway in Tanzania, and the conference sent a congratulatory message.