Published: 19/12/2017
On 11 December, the German Foodworkers Union, NGG, visited the “red tent”, the site of the workers’ permanent protest in front of the factory gate in Parma. The delegation, consisting of officials and delegates from Nestlé-Froneri in Uelzen and Nuremberg, brought greetings of solidarity and support from Nestlé and Froneri workers in Germany. The IUF was also present to reinforce the ties of solidarity amongst Nestlé and Froneri workers world-wide.

The workers, together with the provincial organisations of FLAI and UILA gave a warm welcome to the delegation and emphasized the value of the visit as a unique example of solidarity.


Those who fight, risk losing

Those who don’t fight have already lost!

Froneri Uelzen & Nuremberg are fighting with you!

We will not let ourselves be divided!

Solidarity is our strength!