Published: 19/08/2012

Secret  negotiations are taking place between trade representatives from the United States, Singapore, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Peru and Vietnam.

They aim to conclude a trade and investment treaty that would reduce the rights of these nations to pass laws to regulate in the interests of workers, consumers and the environment. Mexico, Canada and Japan are poised to join in this transfer of power from citizens to investors.

Corporate executives have access to wield their influence while elected policymakers from each country are shut out and shut down. A leaked draft shows discussion is centred on empowering corporations to sue Governments, opening services to more foreign competition, extending intellectual property rights, and preventing Government procurement policies giving preference to local firms.

The IUF has joined those fighting to protect democracy and worker rights threatened by TPPA and calls for the abandonment of the TPPA in its current form.

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