Published: 09/10/2012

A new publication from IndustriAll documents the explosive growth of temporary agency work, highlights the ways it is undermining employment and trade union rights and describes how unions are fighting back, industrially and politically.

Whatever the name and form – labour broker, contract labour, temporary employment agency – the essence of the outsourced employment relationship is the insertion of a third party between the worker and the real employer who organizes and profits from the work. This disguised employment relationship allows the real employer (the ‘user enterprise’) to outsource responsibility and opens the door to a massive assault on terms and conditions of employment and on collective bargaining.

The Triangular Trap, available in English, French and Spanish, confronts and exposes the false and hollow claims of the global agency lobby Ciett, highlights the insufficiencies and loopholes of existing legislation, including the EU Directive, and outlines a union program for fighting back.