Published: 05/03/2013

This International Women’s Day, we are taking a stand against the denigration of women that has been tolerated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for far too long. We call on the world’s largest promoter of professional cage fighting events to put an end to the misogyny and sexism that pervades the “sport.”

The UFC broadcasts fights in over 149 countries and territories to nearly a billion homes worldwide. Disturbingly, UFC fighters and company representatives have joked about rape or used foul and abusive language that is particularly demeaning to women.

Professional sports organizations have adopted and enforced meaningful codes that subject violators to serious sanctions for bad conduct. We demand the UFC adopt, enforce, and make publicly available a code of conduct that holds UFC fighters and company representatives accountable for actions or remarks against women.

The IUF is fully supporting this campaign. Click here to sign the petition.