Published: 04/06/2014
Over 200 dismissed workers in less than two years *

There is no end to the wave of dismissals, as a tool to prevent the Trade Union from attaining a 50% of organized workers, the minimum required by labour legislation to open collective negotiations.

Alexander Mosquea, secretary general of SINTRALAYDO (Frito Lay Dominicana Workers Trade Union), has voiced his deep concern to IUF’s Latin American Regional Office regarding the subtle and harmful strategy adopted by PepsiCo’s subsidiary.

In his opinion, in less than two years, the transnational company would have dismissed 212 workers, most of whom are SINTRALAYDO’s members. In addition, since the beginning of this year, an average of 18 contracts has been terminated every month.


“We are carrying on a survival strategy, with semi-covert union actions trying to limit dismissals and replace the members we are losing. We are now back in a situation very similar to the one experienced during the first months following our trade union’s creation”, Mosquea affirmed.


The trade union officer explained that it has even become difficult to get dismissed workers willing to fight in order to guarantee their labour and union rights.


“The economic conditions of these workers are very tough and, instead of denouncing the systematic campaign of the company to impair the trade union, they prefer to accept its benefits and thus cancel their debts”, he added.


In view of this overwhelming wave of dismissals and different violations by the company, SINTRALAYDO submitted in April a mediation request to the Labour Ministry.


“Frito Lay Dominicana continues paying differential wages from region to region across the country and keeps on strong pressure upon workers so that they do not join or resign from the trade union. We are looking forward to a meeting before the end of this month”, Mosquea pointed out.


PepsiCo and its systematic violation of freedom-of-association rights


SINTRALAYDO also achieved that labour authorities draw up three infringement records reporting violations of freedom-of-association rights. These cases will be processed at court.


“In spite of our rank-and-file disruption as a result of the employer’s union-busting policy, we are committed to the hard work of organising and defending labour and union rights”, concluded the trade union officer.


Original story in Spanish is here.