Published: 26/09/2019

Attempts by Dr. Oetker to obstruct union elections in Plock, Poland have backfired. Dr. Oetker is a German-based company that produces bakery and confectionery products.

The company prevented IUF-affiliated Solidarnosc from running an election for union chairperson in the factory canteen. Dr. Oetker claimed the election would disrupt work.

Solidarnosc pitched a tent with their logo in a public square in front of the factory to run the ballot. Members elected Pawel Skalski as Solidarnosc chairperson in an atmosphere of tremendous solidarity.  The union reported high interest and turnout in the ballot as a result of union publicity.

Dr. Oetker has a history of anti-union harassment at their factory in Plock. The union filed a complaint at the local prosecutor’s office about the company’s persistent obstruction of union activities.