Published: 21/01/2019

Four members of the IUF-affiliated KUDHEIHA who worked at the DUSITD2 hotel complex in Kenya’s capital Nairobi were among the victims of the January 15 terrorist attack which killed at least 21 people. Hospitality workers again find themselves in the front line of such attacks.

The IUF has conveyed its full solidarity and support to the union, whose General Secretary Albert Njeru described their deaths and the attack as a “big blow to the union, family and friends, and the nation at large.”  

In addition to expressing condolences “to KUDHEIHA, and to all individuals and families that have suffered or are suffering as a result of these barbaric acts”, General Secretary Sue Longley affirmed the IUF’s “solidarity with all those workers in hotels and other tourist sites that are victims of terrorism. Too many times hotel workers have suffered from the violence of terrorism, which also puts in danger their jobs, and working conditions.”