Published: 25/02/2019

Paid maternity leave in the Philippines has been extended from 60 to 105 days under a new law which came into effect on February 20. IUF affiliates NUWHRAIN and the SENTRO Food & Beverage Workers Council played a significant role in winning the additional 45 days by mobilizing continuous pressure on President Duterte to sign the bill. IUF affiliates in the Philippines and the IUF Regional Secretariat are now committed to ensuring that the companies they engage with comply with the law and that it will be implemented through collective bargaining.

“The Expanded Maternity Leave Law (Republic Act 11210) is a major victory for us in the women’s and trade union movements. After 26 years, we manage to increase the maternity benefits of women workers in public, private and informal employment. It is one step forward in improving women’s reproductive health. It will benefit mothers, their children, their families and society. But we should make sure that the struggle continues for advancing women and workers’ rights and interests” said Joanna Bernice Coronacion, Deputy General Secretary of SENTRO.