Published: 10/04/2017
Five unions representing Nestlé workers in the United States met with members of the IUF Secretariat in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 30 to discuss coordination in organizing and bargaining with the company.

Representatives from RWDSU-UFCW, UFCW, IBT, BCTGM and the IAM discussed common issues and how cooperation might be enhanced to increase the number of Nestlé sites organized by North American unions.

The IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald reported on progress in discussions with Nestlé at corporate level and the efforts made to create space for organizing in the United States.
Unions shared information on site mapping of Nestlé and pledged to work together to win union benefits and collective bargaining rights for more Nestlé workers in the U.S.

Affiliates endorsed the IUF Nestlé work and approved further work aimed at establishing a multi union structure which can enhance and coordinate Nestlé organizing work in the U.S.