Published: 25/06/2013

Following the call by the IUF and other international unions for support for the ongoing protests in Istanbul and throughout Turkey, there were numerous solidarity actions, demonstrations and marches starting from June 21 and 22 at and around Turkish embassies and consulates.

IUF and ITF affiliates joined with other community activists in Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland, USA and India to protest the ongoing violence in Turkey.

In Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand authorities allowed union representatives to meet and deliver letters to diplomats requesting that Turkey guarantees its people their right to freedom of expression and assembly. A model letter to present to embassies can be found here.

On June 21, the initial action was jointly organised by IUF and ITF affiliates and Asia Pacific regional offices together with leaders of the Turkish Community in Sydney. Please find an update on our affiliate NUW’s website and Facebook page about the action.

Activists from Nagkaisa, the broad trade union coalition in the Philippines marched a few metres inside the Dasmarinas Village where the Turkish Embassy is located until they were stopped by the village security. During the standoff, the security guards agreed to allow a small delegation to go the Turkish embassy while the rest of contingent marched back and held a program explaining their action. Edwin Bustillos, Romy Castilo and PALEA leaders went to the Embassy to present NAGKAISA’s letter. The action was mobilized at short notice thanks to the prompt response from PALEA, BMP, PM, NUWHRAIN, NCTU, APL women and APL youth. Click here for pictures of the actions in Manila.

The IUF-affiliated Korean Federation of Private Service Workers’ Unions (KFSU) and Korean Women’s Trade Union together with Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers’ Unions (KPTU) and other Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU) affiliates faxed letters to the Turkey embassy and their members took pictures with solidarity signs to send to Turkey. View by clicking here.

The IUF Thai team and some ITF affiliates in Thailand organized a demonstration at the Turkish embassy in Bangkok and submitted protest letters to the Deputy Head of Mission, Ms. Ayse Inanc Ornekol. Pictures can be found at IUF Facebook page.

The IUF-affiliated Pakistan Food Workers Federation organized a protest at Consulate General of Turkey in Lahore and strongly condemned the brutal attacks of police on peaceful protesters in different cities of Turkey. The Federation handed over a letter to Turkish Prime Minister through consulate office. Pictures are saved here.

The Independent Trade Union ‘Zakhyst Pratsi’ has staged a picket outside the Turkish embassy in Kiev, Ukraine to support the IUF solidarity campaign with protestors in Turkey. Please find the photos here.    

The FNV Bondgenoten organized a picket in front of the Turkish embassy in the Hague. The union announced the action on its web-site and sent a protest letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey. Here are the photos and the video of the action.

British trade unions, the TUC (Trades Union Congress) and Turkish community groups joined a demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy in London. Photos of the events are posted here.  IUF affiliated Unite the Union published a statement of solidarity with workers in Turkey and signed a joint letter with other British unions.

On June 21 2013, representatives of the IUF and ITF Japan offices visited the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo and passed the protest letter to the Turkish ambassador. The delegation raised their concerns about the use of brutal and excessive violence by government forces which have led to custody, injuries and even some deaths amongst those participating in the Turkish demonstrations.

About 75 trade unionists in Indonesia visited Turkish embassy on 24 June 2013 in a joint ITF-IUF action to convey their protest on the human rights violation of Government of Turkey. The protest letter was handed to the deputy Ambassador who promised to convey the IUF-ITF joint statement to Turkish Government. See pictures here.

In Spain, union federations, UGT and CCOO jointly demanded the Prime Minister of Turkey to stop the violence and respect the enforcement of fundamental rights. Find more information here in Spanish.

65 workers from different hotels and clubs led by Delhi State Committee held a demonstration near the Turkish Embassy of India and handed over the IUF protest letter and got an acknowledgement from the diplomat. See pictures from India action here.

In Germany mass marches were organized in Köln and Dortmund on June 21 and 22 in support of the protests in Turkey.

The IUF and ITF-affiliated unions in Poland organised a picket at the Turkish embassy. The ambassador refused to meet or communicate with the unions present. Unions understood his reaction to be one confirming the government’s lack of respect for democratic principles and any form of dialogue.

In the USA, the UFCW has sent a protest letter to PM of Turkey and AFL-CIO organized a picket at Turkish Embassy in Washington in support of Global Days of Action for Turkey.

Ongoing solidarity with people in Turkey fighting for their rights and inclusive democracy will continue to be organized in other countries focused on Turkish diplomatic facilities and addresses to the Prime Minister.