Published: 15/07/2020

The IUF-affiliated SEIU has called for a Strike for Black Lives across the United States on July 20, with strikes, walkouts, and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice in society and the workplace, “using our power as a union and as workers to walk off the job, withhold our labor, and launch protests all over the country in support of dismantling racism and white supremacy”.

“The simultaneous crises of Covid-19 and police brutality towards Black Americans and other oppressed minorities around the world”, says the union, “have led to an unprecedented moment with new opportunities for connection, for building the path forward together, and for declaring that we will not return to “normal.”

The massive wave of U.S. protest challenging the deep structures of institutionalized racism, exclusion and discrimination has generated global solidarity and fresh determination to challenge entrenched oppression. The SEIU is asking for international solidarity and support action, and will be reporting U.S. and global actions at the Twitter hashtag #StrikeForBlackLives