Published: 18/08/2020

With the ratification this month by Tonga of ILO Convention 182 on eliminating the worst forms of child labour, an ILO Convention has for the first time been ratified by all 187 member states.

 “Universal ratification of Convention 182 is an historic first that means that all children now have legal protection against the worst forms of child labour. It reflects a global commitment that the worst forms of child labour, such as slavery, sexual exploitation, the use of children in armed conflict or other illicit or hazardous work that compromises children’s health, morals or psychological wellbeing, have no place in our society”, commented  ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

IUF General Secretary Sue Longley welcomed the achievement of universal ratification, but called for renewed efforts to implement the Convention especially in agriculture which employs 71% of all child labour and is ranked as one of the three most dangerous industries to work in alongside mining and construction.