Published: 30/09/2018

Some 300 Nestlé workers are expected to arrive in Vevey, in Switzerland, on the morning of Tuesday, 2 October, for a mass demonstration at Nestlé’s corporate headquarters.

Nestlé has announced plant closures, job cuts and proposed cuts in payroll costs and working conditions in Germany in an attempt to satisfy Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider’s call for profit margins of up to 18.5%.

Under the banner of “People before Profit”, the German Food Workers Union, NGG, and its members at Nestlé have committed to fight for every job.

On 25 September, Nestlé workers in Germany protested in front of Nestlé Germany headquarters in Frankfurt on the occasion of a visit from Mr. Schneider.

On 2 October, Nestlé workers in Germany will bring their protest to Nestlé headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, where they will be joined by representatives from the IUF, the IUF’s Latin American regional organization and affiliates in Switzerland, France, the UK and Australia.