Published: 17/05/2018
IUF affiliate BCTGM and the IUF Secretariat put workers’ rightsMondelez%20Shareholder%20Rally%202.0_0 on the agenda at Mondelez’ shareholders meeting on May 16 in Lincolnshire, Illinois (USA). IUF affiliated UFCW members also joined the action outside of the shareholder meeting, lending their support to the thousands of Mondelez workers whose jobs, pensions and health insurance are under attack both in North America and internationally.

Inside the shareholder meeting, union, faith-based and community leaders along with the IUF Secretariat all stressed the importance of engaging in good-faith dialogue with Mondelez workers and their unions locally, nationally and internationally as well as the importance of good-faith negotiations with BCTGM and the necessity for Mondelez to cease its attacks on North American workers’ healthcare and retirement security.