Published: 22/08/2012

Kommunal, IUF’s affiliate in Sweden representing  agricultural  and horticultural workers has for several years been assisting migrant workers. Kommunal produces a brochure explaining the working system  and giving information about minimum wage levels,  working time and  health and safety regulations.

It also introduces workers to Kommunal and gives  contact details. A new 2012 English-language version can be seen here. It is available in 9  languages.  The conditions described apply to directly employed workers.  There is a separate agreement for agency workers
“It’s of great importance for Kommunal to reach out to migrant workers and to inform them about workers’ rights in Sweden to avoid exploitation by unreliable employers” commented Jörgen Gustavsson, Kommunal’s National Officer for the  agricultural sector.
The IUF through its regional structures is assisting Kommunal to get information to migrant workers before they travel to Sweden.
For further information/copies contact Kommunal at +46 10 442 7000 or [email protected]