Published: 27/01/2021

Ethical Consumer Magazine, a research and campaigning publication that focuses on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies, features the IUF’s Coca-Cola campaign in its January-February 2021 issue.

  • A news story entitled “Spotlight on Coca-Cola highlights the IUF’s campaign against Coca-Cola for multiple rights violations. The article points out that the Company often promotes its relationship with the IUF and contrasts this with the IUF’s explanation that “We cancelled the October 2019 meeting because of lack of progress in cases we had raised for at least three years.”
  • The article also carries an update from IUF affiliate SIPTU in their dispute with Coke. “Our members are shocked at Coca-Cola’s equivocation on its own global human rights policy…[t]he Labour Court here in Ireland has made a recommendation Coca-Cola engage with SIPTU as representatives of workers at the Ballina facility. Coca-Cola has refused. Our members remain determined to achieve what they believe to be their basic human right to have their voice heard through collective bargaining.”
  • It invites readers to support the IUF’s on-going campaign for an end to rights violations at Coca-Cola