Published: 07/11/2022

With the opening of the FIFA World Cup just weeks away and with concerns about the lack of human rights in Qatar continuing to mount, the IUF has again called on FIFA to act to protect hospitality workers in host hotels.

In a letter to the FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the IUF acknowledges that while some progress has been made in increasing wages and moving toward the elimination of the kafala (tied labour) system, the fundamental, enabling workers’ rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining are denied to workers in Qatar. This refusal to allow independent trade unions makes it impossible for workers to raise (without fear of reprisals) concerns about working conditions and sexual harassment.

  • The IUF initially approached FIFA in September 2021 pointing out the alarming rates of sexual harassment in the hospitality sector and suggesting that World Cup host hotels should be asked to display a message that sexual harassment of hotel staff would not be tolerated
  • To get this message out, the IUF has produced a “Stop Sexual Harassment” leaflet targeting World Cup host hotels; it calls on hotel managements to make it clear that guests who harass hotel workers will be banned from the premises
  • The leaflet has been sent to FIFA and to host hotels including major global chains
  • The IUF HRCT group at its 2022 Conference decided to convene a working group to explore the organizing possibilities of international sports events; the Conference also condemned the selection of countries which suppress human and labour rights as venues for international sporting events


We believe sending out a strong message on zero-tolerance is crucial for the safety of hospitality workers, and we are therefore asking you to display a public message that your hotel will not tolerate sexual harassment of staff.
IUF message to Qatar World Cup host hotels