Published: 15/06/2023

On the third day of the IUF’s 28th Congress, IUF affiliates from across the world shared their vision of equality as well as the climate crisis and just transition.

  • As part of the Congress panel on Equality, we heard reports from the Women’s Committee, the Young Workers Committee and the LGBTI Workers & Allies Committee; Congress delegates adopted resolutions on women’s right to employment in Afghanistan, menopause discrimination, preventing and ending gender-based violence and harassment at work, and promoting gender equality and employment of women in IUF sectors
  • During the panel discussion on Climate Justice, delegates discussed the need for focused work by the trade union movement across our sectors on the climate crisis, the threat of plastics pollution, and the danger of rising temperatures creating catastrophic weather events; two resolutions were passed including a call to end plastics pollution and to develop a comprehensive trade union approach to the climate crisis
  • In support of jailed Belarusian trade unionists, the IUF and several affiliates took part in a solidarity protest with the trade unions of Belarus demanding the immediate release of all jailed Belarusian trade unionists

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