Published: 26/04/2013

On April 16, Bolivia was the sixth country to ratify C189 following the ratifications of Uruguay (June 12, 2012), Philippines (September 05, 2012), Mauritius (September 13, 2012) Nicaragua (January 10, 2013), and Italy (January 22, 2013).

Meanwhile, Domestic workers’ organizations all over the world continue to campaign for their rights as enshrined in the Convention: In Jamaica, the Prime Minister and Minister of Labour assured the Jamaica Household Workers’ Association that the process was advancing (see separate article). In Benin, the Domestic Workers’ Union, SYNEHM, has obtained audiences with the president of the parliament as well as the ministry and general director of labour to make sure that Convention is on track on their agendas. On April 13, the South African Domestic Workers’ Union, SADSAWU, organized a picket (see attached flyer) with the support of the national center COSATU and the IUF affiliate SACCAWU at the Department of Labour offices in Pretoria calling for the ratification of the Convention.