Published: 19/06/2014
Danone’s intention to close 3 European factories producing dairy products – in Italy, Germany and Hungary – will destroy a total of 325 jobs and will seriously threaten the job security of workers at warehouses, logistics and related companies that service those Danone plants. It will also potentially have serious consequences for local farmers supplying milk to Danone in these 3 countries.

IUF affiliates in Europe representing Danone workers met in Geneva on June 11 and told the company in clear terms  that they unanimously oppose the closure plans unveiled for the first time that morning and will mobilize to resist them. IUF affiliates demanded that Danone management fully respect the 1997 agreement it signed with the IUF that is triggered whenever Danone announces major employment changes anywhere in the Group world-wide.

That agreement provides at least a three-month period to “enable union organizations to present alternative proposals to the management’s plan….”  To that end and in addition to local legal or collective bargaining rights already secured by affiliates the agreement provides for the commissioning, by affiliates and by the IUF, of independent research, which management is required to examine seriously and respond to. The agreement requires Danone corporate management to prevent Danone managements locally from unilaterally implementing any part of its planned closure or transfer of production programme during at least this three-month period. 

The IUF and its affiliates decided to support in any way possible those workers directly affected in the three plants in Germany, Hungary and Italy and to do everything possible to resist these closures and cuts in employment particularly against the background of the general attack on employment in both the private and public sectors being witnessed throughout Europe.

Please find here the applicable agreement in the event of changes in business activities affecting employment or working conditions and here the resolution agreed unanimously by IUF members at the June 11 European Consultation and Information meeting convened by the Company.