Published: 23/01/2003

The IUF and its affiliates are active participants in the World Social Forum taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil from January 23-28. The IUF Latin American regional secretariat, working closely with affiliated organizations and in particular Brazilian unions in the CUT, will be taking part in many of the planned workshops on globalization, sustainable agriculture, health and safety and other issues. On January 25, IUF Latin America will be presenting the secretariat’s new book on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and how to combat it: Um mundo sem LER é possivel (in Portuguese but in the process of being translated into Spanish). The Latin American secretariat will also be hosting a video presentation by Sebastián Pinheiro on workers and GMOs.

Sue Longley, coordinator of the IUF Agricultural Workers’ Trade Group, will be the global union federation speaker on multinational companies, campaigns & framework agreements at the international union seminar on January 24-25.