Published: 24/09/2013

In response to allegations of human rights abuses and union-busting in Egypt, Mondelez has publicly stated  that the cases of the five dismissed Cadbury Alexandria union leaders are in the courts and they are “awaiting the Tribunal’s decision”. At the Tribunal, however, where the company is seeking legal sanction for their dismissals, the court has decided in favour of one of the dismissed union leaders. So company lawyers have appealed the decision, and are working hard to delay procedures in the other four cases. In the meantime, the company has vindictively cut off medical benefits for the dismissed workers – although legally they are still employed by Cadbury.

On June 26, the Alexandria court rejected the company’s request to dismiss Cadbury Union officer Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, because there was no evidence that he had incited his colleagues to take strike action, as the company alleged. The company has appealed, which ensures that the case – and his reinstatement – will continue to be delayed.

In the case of Nasr Awad, the company failed to bring witnesses to the last hearing, resulting in a postponement.

The company’s lawyer did not turn up for the hearing in the case of Mohammed Hussein Mustafa, resulting in a postponement.

In the case of Mohamed Aboul Ela, the Cadbury lawyer objected to the company’s name written in the case file  as “Cadbury”, insisting on a 3-month delay so that it could be changed to Cadbury Company for Food Industries.

Mondelez is not awaiting the decision of the Tribunal – they are seeking to prevent it while inflicting pain on the workers and their families. And of course the company could withdraw their petitions to have the workers dismissed if they chose to do so, just as Mondelez can choose to enter into discussions with the IUF on the situation at Cadbury Alexandria.